I don't post a ton of family sessions, and I for sure don't post infant sessions.  They kind of freak me out.  Infants sessions that is, I'm fine with infants.... I've had two of my own.  But when Bo & Megan (my brother and sister-in-law) asked me to photograph beautiful Matilda, there wasn't a chance I was going to pass.  It didn't hurt that Bo & Megan have impeccable style and Matilda is a "dream" baby.  The photos took themselves.  

Bo & Megan are so dear to us and couldn't be happier to welcome Matilda Mae into the world. 

The Mr. Man party

Seems like just a couple weeks ago I was posting pics from Reid's 1st birthday party.  As cliched as it sounds, it really is amazing how fast time goes by when you have kids.  Tris did a great job putting the "mr. man" party together, I just had to take some pics.  



This shot of Melinda is incredible.... I can say this because I didn't take it.  Sasha (the girl in the tie) took my camera and snapped away.  It's entirely possible she's never touched a dSLR before.  Hats off!

Happy Birthday Reid.  You're awesome.



Family Photo Session - The Moon's

 It was just your standard Birmingham family portrait session.  Family home for Christmas, family wants pics with the grandbaby, grandbaby is having this kind of day:

  In the world of photography, sometimes it be that way.  You can't make a situation be something different than it wants to be.  So you look for ways around it.  There's a picture to be had no matter the situation.  Whether the kid is upset or there's a torrential downpour, it's my job to tell the story.  

The Moon's and I have been great friends for years and when we were discussing where to shoot, we thought it could be cool to head downtown and shoot at the brand new Railroad Park.  There's no way we could have predicted that Holland would have been so excited to see the park herself that she wouldn't want to be touched.    Seriously.  No touch.  The above picture is what happened to her dad (Ben) when he tried to pick her up.  This all sounds bad but it wasn't.  Holland provided tons of comedy and I couldn't be more pleased with how the pictures came out.  I love the Moon's.

PS - It turns out I only needed Photoshop for one pic.  Care to guess which one?

Family photos - The Blanks'

I could probably build a portfolio with the amount of pictures I've taken of the Blanks'.  They're easily some of my favorite people in the world and I'm so glad Brendt never hesitates to give me a call when it's picture time again.

Sterling Davis

This picture has taken on a new meaning for me since I shot it last fall.  Last year Sterling had surgery to remove a tumor in his brain, the tumor in the picture.  Soon after we took this portrait, they found that the doctors had not been able to remove all of the tumor, and since found that the tumor had grown.  His next surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, August 24th.  So what started out as a portrait of celebration has turned into a powerful call for continued prayer.  At least for me it has.

For those that don't know, my sister had a brain tumor when we were kids, so in a small way I know a little about what Sterling's sisters are/will be going through.  But as a new father, I just couldn't imagine being in Roger and Becca's shoes.

The Davis' have set up a blog to keep everyone informed and to tell all the ways you can be praying for them.

First Birthday

Yesterday I put up a swing set for my son's first birthday.  And once I was over cursing the swing set company for their lack of useful instructions, I was able to stand back and wonder how on earth is it possible that I already have a one year old?  I look in my backyard now and see a small (and unfinished) garden, the dogs playing, and my wife swinging our child on his new swing set.  I just don't understand how all this happened so fast.  Did I mention I'm turning 30 this week?  30!!  I guess if you'd have told me I'd have a one year old with a swing set when I was 30, I wouldn't have thought you were crazy.  What's crazy is it's actually here.  I think I can deal with getting old if this is what it's like.  Happy First Birthday Reid!

I love my family and our friends more than anything.  Thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate with us.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

As you can tell, he is EXTREMELY excited about his swing.



Reid Chapman

Reeves Family Portraits

After a while of shooting portraits for every family that will trust me with the task, there's the hope that eventually word gets out.  The Reeves' family session was one of the first "friend of a friend" family shoots.  At the time of the shoot, which was a while ago, they were packed and ready to move off to the Netherlands to be full time missionaries.   I don't remember much of the specifics of their move, other than it caused them to temporarily move in with her parents in Mountain Brook.  This house was gorgeous, and remember location is key, it also didn't hurt that they're all very photogenic.   Anyways, I loved the how the photos turned out, here are a few of my faves:

Family photography - Reeves-17

Family photography - Reeves-3

Family photography - Reeves-5

Family photography - Reeves-7

Family photography - Reeves-1

Family photography - Reeves-9

Family photography - Reeves-8

Family photography - Reeves-11

Family photography - Reeves-13

Family photography - Reeves-15

Family photography - Reeves-14

Family photography - Reeves-16