Sterling Davis

This picture has taken on a new meaning for me since I shot it last fall.  Last year Sterling had surgery to remove a tumor in his brain, the tumor in the picture.  Soon after we took this portrait, they found that the doctors had not been able to remove all of the tumor, and since found that the tumor had grown.  His next surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, August 24th.  So what started out as a portrait of celebration has turned into a powerful call for continued prayer.  At least for me it has.

For those that don't know, my sister had a brain tumor when we were kids, so in a small way I know a little about what Sterling's sisters are/will be going through.  But as a new father, I just couldn't imagine being in Roger and Becca's shoes.

The Davis' have set up a blog to keep everyone informed and to tell all the ways you can be praying for them.