First Birthday

Yesterday I put up a swing set for my son's first birthday.  And once I was over cursing the swing set company for their lack of useful instructions, I was able to stand back and wonder how on earth is it possible that I already have a one year old?  I look in my backyard now and see a small (and unfinished) garden, the dogs playing, and my wife swinging our child on his new swing set.  I just don't understand how all this happened so fast.  Did I mention I'm turning 30 this week?  30!!  I guess if you'd have told me I'd have a one year old with a swing set when I was 30, I wouldn't have thought you were crazy.  What's crazy is it's actually here.  I think I can deal with getting old if this is what it's like.  Happy First Birthday Reid!

I love my family and our friends more than anything.  Thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate with us.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

As you can tell, he is EXTREMELY excited about his swing.



Reid Chapman