Family Photo Session - The Moon's

 It was just your standard Birmingham family portrait session.  Family home for Christmas, family wants pics with the grandbaby, grandbaby is having this kind of day:

  In the world of photography, sometimes it be that way.  You can't make a situation be something different than it wants to be.  So you look for ways around it.  There's a picture to be had no matter the situation.  Whether the kid is upset or there's a torrential downpour, it's my job to tell the story.  

The Moon's and I have been great friends for years and when we were discussing where to shoot, we thought it could be cool to head downtown and shoot at the brand new Railroad Park.  There's no way we could have predicted that Holland would have been so excited to see the park herself that she wouldn't want to be touched.    Seriously.  No touch.  The above picture is what happened to her dad (Ben) when he tried to pick her up.  This all sounds bad but it wasn't.  Holland provided tons of comedy and I couldn't be more pleased with how the pictures came out.  I love the Moon's.

PS - It turns out I only needed Photoshop for one pic.  Care to guess which one?