Birmingham Wedding - Micah and Haller

I love it when people have a different way of going about things.  Micah decribed her wedding to me and it went something like "We're getting married in a bar on Sunday night, we want absolutely no posed pictures, we're just gonna hang out, then at some point we'll get married and go back to hanging out....oh and there's going to be a caricature artist, so if you want to get a picture drawn of you, go right ahead."  I'm in!  I loved the idea that it would be just friends gettig together to celebrate.  Micah and Haller wanted me to capture everything going on, that's it.  It was the most relaxed wedding I've ever been to or shot.  
One other note, Micah had told me leading up to the wedding that Haller was a chef.  I didn't think much of it, but the day of the wedding I found out it was Haller McGee, the executive chef at the amazing Satterfield's here in the Ham.  The Satterfield's staff actually cooking all the food at the wedding, (like this wedding couldn't get any cooler.)  If you get a chance, please check out Haller's restaurant.  It's crazy good.

You can read more about the wedding here.