It's about time

I figured it was just a matter of time before I jumped on the "blogging bandwagon".  Apparently it's a big deal and tons of people are doing it.  So here I go.

This blog is going to be primarily about photography.  I may stray occasionally and talk on more important matters, such as family, politics, baseball, etc... but mostly I want this to be a place to showcase my journey through photos.

This first post will be brief due to the fact I need to leave for the airport in just a few minutes.  I'm heading Nairobi, Kenya with Compassion International.  (If you choose to follow this blog, you will read a lot about Compassion.)   While there, we will be visiting some of the worst slums in the world, as well as meeting some of the most incredible people in the world.  But for the next 18 hours, I'll just be on the freaking plane.  Stay tuned...