This was our last full day in Nairobi.  Long and short of it, we went to Church, we ate lunch, and we visited a college in downtown Nairobi where a lot of LDP students attend.  It was a great day.

I could write a book on our Church experience, but I won't... I'll just say it was loud, long, and hot.

After the poverty we've been exposed to for the past 3 days, it was a nice change of pace to just have a day to spend with the LDP students.  It occured to me that I talk quite a bit about LDP students, but I've never explained it. LDP stands for Leadership Development Program.  Once a child goes all the way through the program and graduates high school, they are eligible to apply to the LDP program.  It is another sponsorship based program in which the students will now be sponsored through college. It is highly sought out by Compassion high school grads, and not easy to be accepted into the program.  These are the best of the best and are some of the smartest people I've ever met.

These students are proof Compassion works and their children will not know poverty.

[caption id="attachment_37" align="alignnone" width="580" caption="Jennifer Gitiri"]James Njahi

James Njahi


Jennifer Gitiri[/caption]

Diana Aluso Diana Aluso

Ibrahim Olaiseh (photo by Drew Francis) Ibrahim Olaiseh (photo by Drew Francis)

Faith Njeri (photo by Drew Francis) Faith Njeri

Hezron Aidi Hezron Aidi