So this is Christmas....

Christmas card

I love Christmas.  It's just the best.  The weather, the music, the lights... I love everything about it.  Tomorrow I'm going to attempt something new.  New for me at least.  I'll be setting up for 7 family portrait sessions in one afternoon.  I'm extremely pumped and slightly nervous at the same time.  There's an anxiety that falls over me every time I'm hired to shoot families weddings babies cupcakes just about anything.  I just want it to be nothing short of great every time.  I don't think it's a lack of confidence as much as it's wanting everyone to be absolutely pleased with what I'm doing.  So I guess tomorrow is that feeling times 7.  It'll be great though, and I'll be sure and post about the day on here very soon.  Wish me luck!

Oh, and enjoy the snowman.  Tris has these little "things" around the house for Christmas.... add them to the list of things I love about Christmas.