Kinsley Family Portraits

This is hardly up-to-date, seeing that I shot these photos a couple months ago.  I've been so busy lately with family photo shoots that I've completely fallen down on my job of staying current with my blog.  Because I've shot so much lately, I'm going to start focusing on one family photoshoot a week from now on.  I think maybe a catch phrase could help, like "Family Fridays" or "Best Fam in the Ham"; I'm open to suggestions. Anyways, here are the Kinsley's: We're actually just focusing on the youngest Kinsley here, her name is Story.


Story is very girlie and loves to wear pink.  Well, she actually doesn't have much of a say in how much pink she wears, but I think it's safe to assume she's not going to shy away from pink in the future.   I work with Story's dad, Chris, and we like to joke with him about Story being a beauty queen just like her mom, Liza.  Kinsley enjoys reading about how to surviving zombie attacks, and Liza is a former beauty queen and couldn't be more girlie;  it's such a great combo.  I've known the Kinsley's going on 8 years now, and they are some of my favorite people.  These are some of my favorite shots from Story's 6-month photo session. IMG_4971







IMG_5290 This is Chris, he's a writer at Student Life.  So much smarter than myself, which may not be saying a lot.  Check him out at IMG_5314-2